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Of course, every Masonic Lodge is unique, because each is made up of its own concoction of gentlemen. And Sandia Mountain is a genuinely, supremely unique Lodge. We are made up of college students, physicists, local business owners, musicians, plumbers, waiters, tattoo artists, entrepreneurs and educators. Some of us are hardly young enough to get up the stairs; while others of us are hardly old enough to even be allowed in the fraternity. A great thing about being a Mason is the chance to get to know men that otherwise would never cross your path. You’d be surprised what each one has to offer or say. But that is what we have at Sandia Mountain #72, a genuinely fraternal and supportive group of men, of all ages and backgrounds, who meet regularly to better our community and to better each others’ lives.

Sandia Mountain Lodge #72 meets for its stated meeting on the first Tuesday evening of each and every month. Dinner is at 6:00, Lodge opens at 7:00. If you’re interested in Masonry, drop our Secretary Dion Newhouse an email: [email protected], or call him at 505 250 8274. Get in touch, come by for dinner before our next stated meeting. Don’t be too shy to try, we’ll be glad to see a new face and to talk with you.

Granted, Masonry isn’t for everyone, and there are some requirements. We’re looking for men of faith and character, who have a sincere desire to be of service to their community and to participate in our Lodge. Your ethnic background, socioeconomic status, and the particulars of your religious faith are what help make you who you are, and they don’t figure into your eligibility in the slightest. Sandia Mountain Lodge is a widely, even wildly, diverse group of men.

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